Our designs are often a comprehensive collaboration between us, the builder, the architect and the client. The design not only includes the aesthetic aspirations of one or both clients but is driven by the budget and the need to unify these parameters. In many respects we are the orchestrating component of the team. We ensemble, edit and curate as well as lend our design and decorating capabilities to the project. Our 30+ years of experience and historical knowledge allows us to translate elements of various styles into unique and cohesive designs. We believe design should have an edge without being cliché or trend driven.

“Good design should be done well not often.” – Gregory M Comstock

Design Process:

* Initial Meeting
* Agreement & Signing of Contract
* Documentation/Plans
* Research
* Presentation
* Value Engineering (If Necessary)
* Proposals
* Orders
* Procurement
* Receiving
* Delivery
* Installation

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