“Greg Comstock is a true professional. We worked together on a very unique, complicated historic renovation. There were multiple problems creating phases of the project that necessitated quick changes in direction. Greg took it in stride, handled it very quickly seamlessly and cost effectively. He is a pleasure to work with.” 

~Cheryl Hoffman, CEO, Brownfields Capital

“Comstock Design is a very creative design firm. Greg has an excellent eye for assembling cohesive finishes, design, and specifications. His strengths include a strong vision and great material/color coordination, which coupled with his comfortable personality, lends itself to a positive experience.” 

~Michael Kiessig, Collins Kiessig Builders

“Our loft project benefited greatly from our involvement with Comstock Design. I was particularly impressed by his vast product knowledge and ability to come up with solutions "on the spot" in ways we had not even considered.”

~ J. Whitman

“When my husband and I began our new home, we had interviewed several designers and settled on Greg and his company, Comstock Design. The project was quite extensive in needs for detail development and his company was able to draw on their vast amount of experience and creativity on all aspects of the project. The project benefited as well from their ability to derive exquisite details while creatively working within our budget. Their thoroughness and extensive documentation and organization were quite appreciated.”


~ Charlene Sloan and Michael Burgamy

“After moving here from Manhattan and the Hamptons, Comstock Design was able to fulfill our desire to blend “sophistication and family”. The result is a seamless blend of our contemporary style within a pastoral setting in Cherry Hills.”

~ Faye Weitzman and Jim Rubin

“Classic, inspiring, unexpected, and timeless. Comstock Design has a unique talent to combine these qualities, with lasting appeal. Furnishings remain fresh and current, for us, twenty-one years later! Greg’s designs have translated decades from our contemporary home to refined mountain living. Effortlessly! Greg’s amazing taste and talent live on... standing the test of time.”

~ Lynne and Steve Quoy

“Thank you once again for being a game changer today with your great ideas. Your design concepts and people skills were very helpful in getting us back on track with a cleaner, more contemporary design.”

~ Victoria and Rich Parsons


"(Greg) is the most wonderful and attentive contractor/vendor I’ve worked with.  We absolutely love him and think they couldn’t have been a better fit for us to transform this rustic house we bought into an elegant modern feel.  Greg has really taken the time to think of the details and for me, most importantly, watching the budget we have laid out.  I see a long term relationship with these guys on this project and others in the future I plan to get into. I wanted to pass this praise over to you and recommend Comstock to anyone looking for a standout, knowledgeable, professional team.  You nailed it with Comstock in recommending them to us and I’d put them on the top of your list as a go-to designer."

~ Miles